Frequently Asked Exhibitor Questions


Important Date for the diary – Friday 12th April 2024 when we will be holding a webinar for all exhibitors to answer any queries and questions you may have in the run-up to the Show.  The webinar will be held at 9.30am.  I will be issuing the link to join nearer the time.

  1. What time can I gain access on the build-up day Tuesday 14th?
    Shell scheme exhibitors can gain access to the hall from 3pm – 11pm
    Space Only Exhibitors can gain access from 11am and will be given a code to use on booking.    
    Please note: 97% of all exhibitors are shell scheme, but if you are in any doubt please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] for clarification
  2. I haven’t yet ordered my badges, am I too late? You can order your badges online right up until the day of the show, but you can also register on arrival either on build-up day or Show day.  We would however recommend pre-ordering badges here for your staff members to save queuing.
  3. Where can I collect my badges? Badges can be collected at Registration in the exhibition hall which will be open on the 14th and from 8.30am on the 15th and 16th.
  4. Are there forklifts or trolleys available onsite? There are no forklifts or trolleys available onsite for public use.  If you require delivery of a large item our recommended freight contractors Premier Showfreight will be happy to quote.  You can view their contact details here.
  5. Will I need my exhibitor badge for build-up day? You will not need your badge for entry into the hall, but you will need to show proof of completing the following form. 
  6. Can I arrive in a car to unload? Yes, but you will need to book an unloading time slot here and a vehicle pass
  7. Do taxis and couriers need to book an unloading slot and vehicle pass? As long as they are official couriers/taxis, they do not need to book in.
  8. Is there parking? There are several car parks in the surrounding area.  You can pre-book your parking here and are advised to do so as early as possible as spaces are limited
  9. Does Power and lighting come with my space as standard? No, power and lighting will need to be ordered if required.  You can do this through our contractors Showlite here
  10. What is the height of the shell scheme? The Shell scheme walling is 2430mm high.  Please note there is a ceiling grid to the stand, so please ensure items on your stand fit within this height.  You can view images of the shell scheme for your reference here
  11. If I use our own graphics how can these be attached to the shell scheme? Exhibitors can use double-sided tape or both sides of velcro to attach your graphics 
  12. Is there internet connection available? – There is free visitor WIFI in the hall which is strong enough for general browsing and checking emails, but if you need to use WIFI for demonstration purposes we would strongly recommend ordering a connection for your stand here 
  13. Is there storage available? – There is no storage area available at the show for boxes or cases, so these will either need to be stored on your stand or taken away during build-up