Electrics and lighting

avoid surcharges, order by: 14 April 2024 – NOW EXTENDED TO 19TH APRIL


Official Contractor:  Showlite
Tel:      01264 365550
Email:  [email protected]

Please note that light and electrical fittings are not included in the cost of your stand. Although the Hall is sufficiently well lit for general purposes, it is recommended that you enhance your stand by ordering some additional lighting. It really does make a difference and, in our opinion, is worth the additional cost.

Ordering electrics and lighting

Lighting can make a big difference to your stand!  The prices quoted are for orders received prior to 14th April 2024 – NOW EXTENDED TO 19TH APRIL after this date a 20% surcharge will be applied to the prices quoted.  We strongly recommend you use Showlite for your power and lighting requirements but if you choose to bring your own fittings please do pay close attention to the guidelines below – all equipment will be inspected by the Fire Officer so plan now and avoid any issues on the day.Please note that power will be switched off 30 minutes following show close daily.

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The following detailed information applies to anyone wishing to use their own electrical equipment or light fittings on their stand:

All on-site electrical work must be carried out by a qualified, competent person and inspected by the appointed electrical contractor prior to energising.

A temporary supply must be ordered for use during build-up and breakdown, if required.  Use of the venue’s electrical sockets is not permitted and cables must not cross gangways.  Once power has been energised during build-up, it will be switched off each night, including the pre-open night.  If you need power overnight, you will need to order a 24 hour supply.

Power to your stand will be switched off 30 minutes after the show closes each day and will not be switched back on until the following morning.  If you require 24 hour power, please arrange this with the electrical contractor.  On the last open day, power will not be switched back on under any circumstances, due to the hazards presented during the breakdown of stands.  If you need a supply beyond this time, please arrange this with the electrical contractor.

If you wish to pre-fabricate any electrical installations, connection to the mains must be carried out by the official electrical contractor.

All electrical installations must comply fully with the eGuide, which can be accessed at www.aev.org.uk/eguide.

The following is a brief summary of key points:


  • Electrical fittings should be ordered from the appointed contractor on the official order form in this manual.
  • All electrical equipment and exhibits must be guarded to prevent accidental contact with live terminals. Items intended for use on stands must be PAT tested and labelled accordingly.
  • Electrical cables must not be run under carpet or up stand fitting support posts. Cables on the floor which may be walked on must be protected by conduit or with protective ramping (tape is not acceptable).  All other wiring below 2.4 metres must be protected in PVC or metal tubing.
  • In the event of electrical failure, please report this to the organisers’ office.


  • Light fittings must be secured using clips or heavy-duty electrical ties and earth bonded appropriately.
  • Light fitting flex must not be draped across the ceiling grid (if applicable), or left hanging in coils or wrapped around any part of a metal structure. Cable ties must be used to secure flex to the structure.
  • Spotlights/floodlights/halogen lamps, etc must be guarded and mechanically fixed, so as to prevent risk of injury to persons.
  • All lighting must be kept at least 300mm away from muslin/fabric ceilings and other combustibles.
  • Lighting circuits must not exceed 1,000 watts. They must not be looped or connected to power circuits.
  • Heavy fittings (over 1 kg) require a secondary means of support.

Socket Outlets

  • Only one 4-way extension lead may be connected to each socket outlet and the maximum length of lead permitted is 2 metres.
  • Extension leads must not be plugged into other extension leads (commonly known as ‘daisy-chaining’).
  • Block adaptors and drum reel extension cables must not be used.