Exhibitor information

Stand Catering

This is a delivery only service, offering fresh and delicious food, beverages and equipment delivered directly to your stand at your convenience, for use at your own leisure. Food is another option to draw people to your stand. Please note this is a service offered by Olympia and the organisers are not involved.

For more information please visit https://www.host-olympia.london/ or contact [email protected]

The below is a guideline for providing your own catering – for full information please use the contact links above.

Providing own food and drink guidelines:

Where Exhibitors want to bring their own food and drink to give out on their stand the venue will charge a fee for this (see below). The only items that are allowed are sample sizes of food and drink as detailed below:

  1. Any proposed sampling activity must be notified in writing to the organiser and verified by the venue.
  2. All samples must be given away free of charge

The acceptable sample sizes are:

  • Unwrapped food – ‘bite size’ portions
  • Individually wrapped items
  • Drinks: Soft and hot drinks – 50ml (1.75 fl oz) Beers/ciders or similar – 50ml (1.75 fl oz) Wine/fortified wines/Champagne/alcopops or similar – 25ml (0.9 fl oz) Spirits or similar – 5ml (0.18 fl oz)

Both the sale and supply of alcohol must be licensed under The Licensing Act (2003); therefore, sampling is a licensable activity. Any exhibitors wishing to supply alcohol not provided by the official caterers, whether for on- or off-site consumption, must provide the name of a Personal Licence Holder and a copy of their licence.

Providing own food and drink fees:

Concession fees are applied where sampling involves items larger than the sizes stipulated above. Where drinks are offered as samples, a concession fee may apply if this is deemed to constitute hospitality.

Fees will generally be from £150 + VAT per event open day for soft drinks/ice creams and from £350 + VAT per event open day for other foods. However, where, in the opinion of Olympia London’s Catering Manager, an exhibitor could be deemed to be operating a ‘catering outlet’, then retailing rates will be applied.

In most instances it is often cheaper to order through the venue’s catering company.