It is a requirement that all exhibitors complete a Health & Safety Declaration in line with Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 (HASAWA 1974). Your stand type will determine which form(s) you must complete. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any exhibitors who have not completed this document in advance of opening day.

Shell scheme exhibitors:

Please complete this compulsory Health & Safety online form here.

The deadline for completion of this form is 26 April 2024. To see more information about Shell Scheme stands click here

Space Only Exhibitors:

Visit the Space Only Stand Information page. The deadline for completion of this information is 29 March 2024. Please see more information on requirements for Space Only stands here.

On site

Health & Safety is one of the most important and increasingly regulated areas within the rules governing the Exhibition industry. All exhibitors and contractors are expected to ensure that they provide a safe system and place of work. Successful safety management requires commitment, involvement and co-operation of all on site at an event.

There will be an independent health and safety floor manager on site during the build-up, show and break down period to ensure that the regulations of the Health & Safety Act 1974 and the Association of Event Venue’s guidelines are adhered to. Please also refer to the AEV’s eGuide:

Under Health & Safety legislation exhibitors and their main contractors are responsible for all activities that take place on their stands throughout the event. This includes knowing the procedures for emergency action at the venue, understanding possible hazards and having an appropriate course of action to avoid or deal with such situations and taking responsibility for any situation occurring on your stand including accident reporting, as well as briefing and controlling of all qualified and professional contractors and sub-contractors who work on your stand.

The following are guidelines only, and are some of the areas the Health & Safety Floor Manager will be evaluating whilst on site:


  • Provide stand plans if you are a Space Only
  • Observe the signs and instructions given by the Organisers and Olympia Staff.
  • Observe the speed limits around the venue, and ask for assistance when reversing (to ensure that you are seen by other drivers).
  • Ensure that all stand personnel and contractors are familiar with the Emergency Evacuation procedures and locations of exits.
  • Endeavour to keep aisles free of rubbish and equipment at all times.
  • Treat all cables as if they were live and turn off equipment that is not in use.
  • Use the appropriate safety guards and protective clothing.
  • Maintain emergency gangways.
  • Ensure that measures are taken to minimise the impact of your operations on the environment.

Do Not

  • Work beneath rigging activity.
  • Use flammable materials as part of your display.
  • Have overloaded or insecure displays.
  • Bring children in to the halls during build-up or break-down. Olympia’s regulations discourage children under the age of sixteen attending the exhibition
  • Overload trolleys.
  • Block fire exits/routes.
  • Wear flip-flops or any other open toed shoes during build-up and breakdown

The Organisers take no responsibility for any actions of Exhibitors or contractors that fail to comply with Health & Safety regulations, nor for the resulting action that may be taken by the independent H&S Representative who will be on site at all critical times.

If you have any concerns regarding the above, do not hesitate to contact us.