This section does not apply if you have ordered a Shell Scheme stand.  If you are in any doubt please email Felicity.

Plans for your space-only stand must be submitted by 29 March 2024.  

The submission requirements are determined by the size and complexity of your space-only stand, as defined below.

As organisers, we have appointed our own structural engineers to check Space-Only stand. If your stand is space-only you must submit plans for your proposed stand design no later than 29 March 2024, to allow time for checking and any alterations necessary prior to the venue’s own deadline. The responsibility lies ultimately with the exhibitor and its contractors to comply with these regulations and ensure the safety of their stand.

Please submit your plans to our Event Manager Jess Elliman  [email protected]


Single Storey Stands Under 4m in Height 

Stands classed as complex or over 4m will also need to submit structural calculations (in English) to prove the stability of the stand. See Complex Structures section below.

Please provide the following documents:

  • 1 set of drawings to include elevations, indicating the maximum height of build
  • Risk Assessment
  • Method Statement
  • Construction Phase Plan
  • Include a description of construction materials used including certification of flame proofing where required
  • Copy of your contractors Public Liability Insurance (up to £5m)

Stands classed as *complex or over 4m will also need to submit structural calculations (in English) to prove the stability of the stand.

Complex Structures

A complex structure is any form of construction of any height which may require input from a structural engineer.  If a stand is not constructed from shell scheme it is the responsibility of the exhibitor and its contractors, by means of a risk assessment, to determine whether the construction is complex or not.

Examples of Complex Structures: 

  • Any part of a stand or exhibit which exceeds 4.0m in height
  • Multi Storey Stands
  • Any structure that visitors can access, which requires structural calculations
  • Suspended items eg Signs, Lighting Rigs
  • Sound/ Lighting Towers
  • Temporary tiered seating
  • Platforms and Stages over 0.6m in height and all platforms and stages for public use

Please Note:  No stand construction will be allowed to commence unless written approval has been obtained from the Organisers. If no written approval has been obtained or in the event that the stand is not constructed in accordance with the approved stand design, the Organisers shall be entitled to dismantle and remove the stand at the Exhibitor’s cost.

Please be aware that Part 111 of the Disability and Discrimination Act came into force on 1 October 2004, and it is important that you are aware of the consideration for accessibility when planning to build a stand. Further information can be obtained from the Disability Rights Commission: