Please note that all exhibitors and contractors will be asked to complete a site induction form. A link to the form will be sent to you prior to the event. This is for your own safety as well as that of our visitors.


Security is provided for the Show from Tuesday 14 May.  Please do not arrange for goods to be delivered to the hall before this time.  Please assist us by wearing your exhibitor/contractor pass at all times.  Entry to the hall will not be permitted without a pass.

Please take account of the following security advice from the venue:

  • Make contact with the exhibition security company for advice on how to secure the items on your stand. There may be an overnight secure store for valuable items.
  • Take home any valuable items each night if there are no secure storage facilities on site.
  • Do not leave your stand unattended at any time during build-up, the open period or the pull-out of the show. Do not leave the hall until all visitors have gone each evening.
  • Do not position desirable items at the front of your stand, where you may not be able to keep an eye on them.
  • Ensure you have enough staff, so that the stand is not vulnerable to thieves and do not ask a neighbouring exhibitor to watch over your stand while you go for a break. They may become busy and not be able to keep an eye on your stand.
  • Remove all portable or valuable items from the stand on the evening the show closes. Do not leave them until the following day for collection.
  • Arrive in time for the show. Ensure your stand is staffed at least 15 minutes before show open time each day, but remember that the hall is open from 0800 hours.
  • Use a lockable cabinet to store your personal possessions during the show open hours. You should be able to hire one from the appointed furniture company.
  • Use a night sheet. If you have a shell scheme stand, you should be able to hire one from the stand fitting company.
  • Hire an alarm for your stand if you are exhibiting valuable or portable items. These should be available from the show security company.
  • If you are a victim of theft please report it immediately to the organisers or show security company.

TVs, computers and other high value equipment cannot be removed from the hall during the show without a goods pass-out form from the organisers.

Please ensure you have the required compulsory insurance cover for your attendance at the Show.

Olympia Rules + Regulations

It is essential that you ensure that you comply with the venue’s regulations in all aspects of your participation at the event.  These are contained in the eGuide, which can be viewed at www.aev.org.uk/eguide.  These regulations are common to the main UK venues and include the following:

Accidents and Near Misses
If you are involved in, or witness an accident or near miss while on site, please report it to the Organiser’s Office immediately.

Alcohol and Drugs Policy
The consumption of alcohol is not permitted during build-up and breakdown.  The venue has a strict drugs and alcohol policy which allows them to test or eject from site any contractor suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Alcohol Sale/Supply/Sample
Any sale or supply of alcohol at the show must be agreed and licensed by the venue.  Selling alcohol for consumption at the show is not permitted.  However, if you wish to provide samples for tasting or to sell unopened bottles for consumption off site, you must apply to the organisers using the form provided. The maximum sample size permitted is 50 ml for beer/cider, 25 ml for wine and 5 ml for spirits.

Assistance dogs are permitted entry to the Show.  However, if you plan to have any other animal(s) on your stand, you must apply for permission via the organisers, as there are licensing implications and the City Vet’s approval will be required.

If you are using helium-filled balloons on your stand, please make sure they are secured, as charges for recovery will be incurred if any float to the roof. Olympia do not allow helium cylinders on the show floor at all during show open they must be secured in the onsite gas cage (motorail carpark)  Please speak to an Organiser to arrange this prior to the Show.

Please note that no banners are permitted above your stand height.  There are, however, various advertising locations around the exhibition hall.  For more information please contact the organisers.

Under NO circumstances should any ‘DIY’ wiring or adapting of electrical equipment be undertaken. Only qualified, professional contractors should fit or alter any equipment.

The fixing to the Hall floor and columns of nails, screws or bolts is not permitted. Exhibitors are responsible for the cost of making good, restoring or renewing any Dilapidations made to the Hall or any part thereof. This would also include the retrieval, for instance, of helium balloons should they escape and float to the ceiling of the venue. In your own interest, please check the condition of your site(s) before and after stand construction and clearance. If you are unsure, please speak to the organisers on site.

Disability Access
Please ensure that you consider accessibility to your products and services for disabled people when designing your stand.  This may include (but not exclusively) providing wheelchair access ramps, induction hearing loops, low level desks, transaction aids and appropriate signage.  Useful information on accessible stand design is contained in the eGuide 

If you are planning on having any filming at the show, you must inform the organiser, as there are regulations which will need to be followed by them and also by the venue.

Food and Drink Sampling
If you wish to carry out food and drink sampling on your stand, please advise the organiser, in order to ensure that all relevant regulations are adhered to.  If permission to offer samples is granted, the maximum sample sizes published in the eGuide must not be exceeded.  Food hygiene regulations must be adhered to and are available at www.aev.org.uk/eguide.

Suitable footwear must be worn on site during the build-up and breakdown periods of the event.  Open-toed sandals or shoes, flip-flops and flimsy footwear are not permitted.

Gaming and Gambling
Gaming activities include raffles, lotteries, prize draws and some charity collections, where profit-making occurs.  Licences are required for such activities, so it is vital that you contact the organiser at least 6 weeks before the event to inform them of any intention to hold gaming activities on your stand.

Under no circumstances may any part of any exhibit or stand encroach on the gangways. If you have any displays or activities which are likely to attract an audience, please ensure that you plan your stand layout to allow people to gather within the stand area and not in the gangways.

Hazardous Exhibits
Please consider the safety of your staff and visitors to the show when planning the layout of your stand.  Hazardous items, such as hot equipment must be set back from the stand and out of reach of the public.  Guards will be required to shield anything emitting heat and any machinery or other equipment which may present a hazard to visitors.  The use of real flame (eg candles) must be agreed in advance of the event.

Lost Property
Any property found should be handed to the event security company.  After the event, the venue’s lost property service can be contacted at [email protected]

Night Sheets
If you are intending to use a night sheet on your stand, this must consist of non-flammable material, or be treated to render it non-flammable.  Please also ensure that you leave a duplicate key at the organiser’s office, so that the cleaners may gain access to your stand. Night sheets must be firmly rolled up and secured, if left on the stand during the day, so as not to cause any obstruction.

Noise Control
Exhibitors and contractors are obliged by law to reduce the risk of hearing damage to employees to the lowest level reasonably practicable.  Hearing protection is required for staff working at noise levels in excess of 80 dB (A). We request that all exhibitors keep sound on stands to a level which does not cause annoyance or interference to other exhibitors.

Performing Rights
Exhibitors wishing to play copyright music on the stand by means of TV, video, DVD, CD, tape or live must obtain two licenses – one from the Performing Rights Society (PRS) (representing composers and publishers) and the other from Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) representing recording studios & artists.