beware of scams!

important information

We do our best to stop any scams we become aware of in relation to your involvement with the Show but unfortunately, some are simply impossible to police and ignore any and all requests we make to not contact our exhibitors. Most of these companies trawl the exhibitor list published on our website to research your contact details – despite us not publishing them on our site.

The only people that might contact you are working directly for Museums + Heritage as detailed here or our official contractors who are all detailed here.

The latest one which we want to make you aware of is a company or companies, we aren’t entirely sure, who email exhibitors saying that they can provide the Show’s attendee list. This is a scam. We NEVER sell or share our visitor data.

The only people who will contact you regarding advertising your presence at the Museums + Heritage Show are:  Anna Preedy, Felicity Jolliffe or Becky Winney who are all part of the M+H Team.  

Previous scams include a Mexico based company called Expo Guide –  and a Bratislavan company called Event Fair – are contacting our exhibitors and claiming to be official partners of The Museums + Heritage Show.  These are nothing but a SCAM.  They have not sought our permission to contact our exhibitors and have ignored all requests to remove Museums + Heritage Show from their website.  If you return an order form to them they will hound you for payment, so please do not be tempted to respond to them.

We also DO NOT have an accommodation partner for the Show and do not recommend that you book your accommodation through a booking agent that contacts you saying they are a partner of the Show.

This is an incredibly frustrating situation and we can only apologise for the inevitable confusion it causes and reassure you that we do everything possible to try and stop them from impacting you.