Stand Graphics and fixtures + fittings

Order by 19 April


Official Contractor:  Showlite
Tel:      01264 365550
Email:  [email protected]

Graphic panels and additional fixtures and fittings such as shelves, are available to order from Showlite.  Order Deadline:  19 April to avoid surcharges

View prices and order form HERE

Prices do vary depending on the type of graphic panels you are interested in and are detailed on the order form.  The below images illustrate the various graphic options.  If you have any queries please do contact Showlite on +44 (0)1264 365550 or by email [email protected]

In-fill panels

These sit between the uprights of the stand’s framework.

Flush fitting graphics

These are uninterrupted by the stand framework as they sit over the framework, with with only the top of the frame on visible.

Please note – if you are planning to get your flush panels from another provider we advise you to leave the framework free at the top of your stand to allow for support struts where required. For more information on this please contact Showlite directly.

To avoid any sizing or fixture issues, we recommend that you use Showlite (details above) to produce your stand graphics but if you are planning to use another provider for your graphics you can see the stand panel dimensions in the graphic shown here.