Exhibitor information

Promo Materials

We are working hard to ensure that the message is spread far and wide about this year’s Show and it is important that you do the same to promote your involvement.

We have several different options available for how you can promote your involvement to your own networks and contacts below:

• Banner for your website 728×90

(be sure to save this file as a .gif to preserve its animation). Simply right click on the image and ‘Save as’.

• Show Invitation

This will be available shortly, watch this space. You can forward this document onto your contacts and networks as it provides an overview of the whole Show.

• Logo for you to add to your marketing collateral – online, e-mails, print etc.

Simply right click on the image and ‘Save as’. This logo is available with your stand number inserted – please contact the team  quoting your stand number to request yours.

If you are writing about the Show and your involvement anywhere on your own website, newsletters or on social networks then please do ensure you include the registration link – http://show.museumsandheritage.com/register