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Market leading CMS, KM, and ILS software developer Lucidea’s powerful museum collections management system, Argus, is web-based, highly flexible and configurable, and satisfies diverse curatorial and visitor engagement requirements with finesse—making collections accessible, visible and relevant. Create and maintain your CMS without relying on IT or developers, offer innovative services beyond traditional collections management, and provide your visitors an absorbing and inspiring experience. Argus rests on sustainable, cutting edge technology and is purpose-built to support you as your collection and requirements grow. With Argus, Lucidea delivers unrivaled collections management software used daily in museums of all sizes, collections types, and budgets, all around the world. Lucidea provides unrivaled collections management software based on best practices observing and working with museum clients for over 25 years. Through their web-based CMS, Argus, Lucidea offers comprehensive collections management tools that go beyond traditional capabilities—solving today’s museum collections management challenges, ready for tomorrow’s.


Our clients recommend us because of our expertise, innovation and knowledge, client-driven R&D philosophy, a longstanding reputation for integrity, 24/7/365 customer support, and partnership orientation, as well as the breadth of our products. Our commitment to our clients includes a suite of training and professional development resources, such as monthly webinars presented by sector experts, free eBooks written by well-known practitioners and consultants, and our Think Clearly blog which covers all the sectors we support, including 52 posts each year on topics highly relevant to museum professionals. Our Argus CMS delivers “essentials” that make it unique; it’s off-the-shelf yet easily adaptable to each museum’s unique needs, provides mobile access for visitors and staff, includes an integrated public portal, enables metrics and reporting, seamless integration with third party search engines, e.g., Google, and enables museum staff to seat objects and content in context with full multimedia support that enhances curation.


A favorite success story is that of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s Argus implementation. They needed both a web-based collections management system and mobile functionality for staff and visitors, and tools that optimize operational efficiency, while at the same time providing a flexible, extensible system that met Provincial requirements for information security, especially robust and granular permissions management. With Argus we succeeded in making gallery staff and the IT department happy, all within budget—and the CMS delivers visible, tangible support for the organizational mandate to increase public exposure to the greatest extent possible.

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