Keeping you Safe + Secure

Requirements for events change on a frequent basis so please check back for further information in the lead-up to the Show as we will be updating this page on a regular basis.

All Covid-19 related procedures will adhere to the latest government guidance for events and attractions as well as to the Event Industry Alliance’s All Secure Stand 2.0

We take our responsibility for the health and safety for everybody at the Museums + Heritage Show incredibly seriously and we will be working closely with our venue and contractors to ensure a safe environment for all. 

The Museums + Heritage Show has sole occupancy of its space within Olympia which means we have exclusive use of the entrance, foyer and facilities including toilets and catering. 

On 27 January 2022, government guidance was updated to remove the remaining Plan B measures on face coverings and COVID-19 status checks.

  • Whilst at the time of writing it is not mandatory to wear masks in event spaces, the Museums + Heritage Show will be a mask-friendly event and our attendees are encouraged to consider wearing a mask, particularly in more crowded areas Read more about face coverings.
  • Events are no longer required by law to check the COVID-19 status of our participants. However, we will be monitoring the situation closely and will introduce checks if it is appropriate to do so in May. All pre-registered visitors will be notified in advance of the Show, should checks be required. If implemented, we will also provide further details on how to prove your COVID-19 status.

Awareness & Communication

  • Our venue’s website provides additional information about the latest measures in place
  • Please check your government advice for guidance on travelling if you are visiting the Show from overseas.
  • Please ensure you register before attending the event – this will help keep contact to an absolutely minimum on arrival
  • Please pay careful attention to all communications sent out from the Museums + Heritage Show team regarding the registration process and entry requirements
  • Please check this page for updates before attending the Show
  • You or your colleagues should not attend the event if you are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Please ensure you give accurate information throughout the registration process. The relevant local authorities will contact you if there’s a need to update you regarding track and trace.

Code of Conduct

When walking around the event, we ask you to please remember that some people will be more comfortable in the environment than others. We just ask that you are aware and that you respect others:

  • Please give people space when you are walking past them.
  • Check before initiating personal contact
  • As the sector builds itself back, remember different pressures people may be facing, please be kind to each other.

We are confident the measures that we and the venue will be putting in place will make the Museums + Heritage Show as safe as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you and opening the doors to the 30th edition of the Museums + Heritage Show on 11-12 May!