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Tyg Tickets gives you the power to manage all of your ticketing needs. Unique barcoded etickets from an intuitive, dynamic trusted system. With years of expert knowledge and development, why try to create your own system, when we have one ready for you to use*

Use the Tyg Tickets, Sign in and Go™ technology and take control of your ticket sales. Create, manage and sell your tickets from any device, anywhere in the world with our easy to use, real time, (cloud based, SaaS) software, safe payment gateway and secure checkout pages. Whether you want total control, or you need us to help, we have lots of different ticket packages to suit your needs; no attraction or event is too big, or too small.

You can create date specific tickets, session allocated tickets, Membership or Season cards and quantity control how many tickets are sold for your venue capacity. You can even increase sales on your other products by promoting them to the customer with our ‘Suggested Ticket’ feature.

Customer Relationship Manager

More than just a ticketing System, Tygit® will also become a powerful Marketing Tool.  This is where the real fun starts and will be a major tool to help grow and understand your business.

Tygit® can help you to understand your customers as the data collected is yours and it will enable you to do: Customer Profiling, Customer prospecting and retention, Proactive Planning, Analysis/confirmation of the right marketing mix, Up-sell and cross-sell, Loyalty-building, Maximise future returns on investment (ROI)

Want to make more of an impact with your branding? No problem, branded tickets and baskets payment pages come as standard. We tailor the branded payment pages to each individual’s attraction or event.

Each e-ticket has a unique barcode giving full security, and tickets can be designed with your own key messages and branding. The tickets can be scanned using a 2D barcode reader or via our Tyg Gate Manager mobile app (for use on or off line). With various levels of support packages to suit your individual needs, we won’t leave you or your customers stranded. Whether you need out of hours Technical Help, Customer Support or Telephone Sales, we have something that fits the bill.

Your brand, your logo, your colours – your way

Reports & Business Intelligence

A growing suite of reports is available and all can be easily printed or saved to your computer, by a simple click of a button giving you information at your finger tips, any time you need it. All data collected with Tygit® can be simply converted into a whole range of meaningful reports without the assistance of an IT department.  Tygit® will give you instant access to relevant data so that you can make faster, better-informed decisions based on fact.

*Let us provide your white label solution

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