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What Is GeoTourist?

GeoTourist is your own personal tour guide for the world’s most interesting attractions, landmarks and beyond. Based on your exact location access auto-play guided audio tours in multiple languages right on your smartphone.

Create your own tours, post photos and share your experiences via social media.

Now you can build your own journeys by creating an audio trail using our simple interface and inspire others to walk in your footsteps. As they walk, around locations tagged by you in your journey, your audios launch automatically giving people an immersive experience like never before.

How It Works

Search tour – Look for interesting journeys around you from your favourite authors or seek inspiration from local experts from around the world and let them guide you around their towns and cities.

Search results – Nearest journeys listed by popularity, author, area of interest and many other categories.

Tour info – Summary of tour, shows list of points. Use ‘navigate to’ feature to be safely and confidently taken to start of your chosen tour by GPS.

Start tour – Pop your headphones on and slip the phone in your pocket and just walk from point to point. Let the local experts take you on a journey, describing the world around you at each point.

Finish tour – Leave feedback and discover your next journey

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