Vernacular Miniatures

Exhibitor category: Interpretation

Vernacular Miniatures was founded in 1992, primarily making models of vernacular architecture for timber framed building restoration. My background in fine art, classical architecture, and modelmaking quickly led to a much wider range of requests, for all types of modelmaking from rapid prototype sketches, to fully rendered reconstructions of long lost sites and artefacts.

My work combines elements of the traditional Modelmakers art, with the latest in interactive techniques and technologies.
Over the last 28 years  there have been a very diverse range of projects, from replica artefacts for handling collections, film props, interactive donation boxes, countless architectural and topographical models.

I also undertake restoration work on older and historic models, from simple patina sympathetic repairs to full rebuilds.  Previous clients include museums, public and private collections worldwide.


A large percentage of my work involves recreating lost items or structures which have altered over centuries – my clients trust my knowledge and experience in knowing the correct questions to ask ! Some projects have found answers to their questions through the process of making the model. Reconstructing something in 3D often focuses attention on aspects not previously considered !


Every project brings its own unique challenges, wether it is in choosing materials and processes for a tactile model, or sculpting minute detail. The biggest challenges are usually those raised by lack of information on ancient subjects, which is where the curators Knowledge becomes essential. On a recent project for Festung Konigstein in Saxony, I was tasked with building an 8m long procession of wagons, figures etc from 17th century. None of the wagons survive sadly, but I managed to work from details found in a painting By Canaletto , to create the wagons shown in my gallery images.

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