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soSouvenir are specialists in designing bespoke souvenirs with a Scandinavian aesthetic, and collaborate closely with museums and diverse organisations.


Good souvenirs recreate the experience and give continued life to the story. This is what we live for at soSouvenir: concentrating the essence of your story in souvenirs that are worth buying, treasuring, sharing and passing on.

We have no catalogue because our designs relate directly to our clients needs.


Not only do we focus on our clients story, but we pay special attention to the ethos of their customers when we craft products, which are created in the strong Danish design tradition. We address demography, customer profiles and current and upcoming trends. We work with a fundamental social understanding, which enables us to produce results that quicken the heart: good souvenirs in a concentrated form.


Working together, we create products that tell a story that generates greater sales and promotes brand development and new ways of merchandising. We work in that dynamic field where design and advertising cross paths, when we unfold our clients story in the currents and trends of the time, constructing an entirely new cultural meeting with souvenirs of an unprecedented quality. And we always have an eye to making products that are fun, off-beat, eye-catching and of course unique.

Recent client project:

1525:The Royal Town of Nyborg

Østfyns Museums/ Nyborg Castle, Denmark

Jacquard dishtowels
Mugs without handles


Nyborg Castle was the meeting place of the Danish parliament in the Middle Ages, and the first Danish constitution, the Coronation Charter of 1282, was drawn up here. Nyborg was officially designated the first proper capital of Denmark in 1525. The castle was rebuilt and the walls of the banqueting hall were decorated with a characteristic geometrical pattern that became the symbol of the role and status of Nyborg.


It was important to communicate the fact that Nyborg has been a royal city, which is why we decided to call our collection ‘1525’. Both to excite curiosity and also to establish this date, which is so important for Nyborg and yet is relatively unknown. The Danish court (known as ‘Danehof’) was gathered here under the aegis of the King with an abundance of food and drink. We support this story by basing our collection on dishtowels and mugs.


The products had to formulate the history of the castle in a modern style suitable for a contemporary home. The motif is the geometrical pattern, which was – and still is – extensively used. Both of our products have a royal touch to them with their notes of gold; the story is unfolded on the packaging.

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