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ORPHEO Ltd. is a London based company. We are a member of a leading international audio guide network, Orpheo Group, created in 1992. We manufacture audio-guide hardware and software, and also create content and apps. Our model is based on the idea that we come into the project at any stage and cater to the clients needs within their budget. Whether it is just hardware, or includes research, script-writing, recording, multimedia content, animations, games, or augmented reality, we will be with the client for every step that they need us.
Together, we have provided more than 250,000 audio guide devices and hundreds of hours of audio programs to 7,000 sites around the world. We provide full service operations, including distribution staff at a number of large sites, such as: Grand Central Terminal (20,000,000 tourists per year), the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York (915,000 visitors per year), as well as ​Musée d’Orsay​ (5 million visitors per year), Versailles (7 million visitors per year), Trinity College in Dublin (1 million visitors per year), and many more.


We provide our clients with the high standard of product and creativity that has been installed on some of the greatest sites and cultural institutions worldwide. One of the rare things about our model which sets us apart in the industry is that we manufacture both our own hardware and software in-house. This has a range of benefits. To start with, everything is compatible and malfunctions are minimised compared to non-native systems. It also means that we are really flexible; our diverse team of in-house engineers and designers can adapt easily and quickly to our clients’ individual needs. We are also an international company, with offices worldwide. This means that in the development process, we have a really diverse and talented team with great ideas and wide-ranging experience to draw on to bring your project to the next level.


One of our really fantastic projects that comes to mind was Unmute Art! at the Pietrasanta Basilic in Napoli, which won us the top GLAMi Award 2020. We partnered with the Italian National Deaf Agency and exhibition producer Arthemisia to produce an exciting multimedia guide which revolutionised the industry standard for accessibility. But it also had that real “Wow-factor” visually and was so much fun as a project! It ​was initially designed to offer the best possible user-experience to deaf people, to access the history of the work without looking away from the painting, but ultimately it became a highlight for all visitors. We are really proud of how this project placed hearing-impaired visitors at the forefront of the exhibition where in the past they have often been sidelined. It also provided a new road map for how institutions can think about catering to disabled audiences.
For the project, we produced high quality video content for augmented reality in collaboration with four talented deaf actors. The actors became the subjects of the paintings through a long process beginning with body painting and make-up art in order to create the perfect rendering, and then posing to mimic the composition of Warhol’s most iconic paintings and using sign language to describe the informative content of the exhibition. Augmented reality technology was then used so that when the multimedia guide was held up to a painting, the guide would recognise it and the video would bring the painting to life as a character who talks to you in sign language. Visitors were able to see them move, speak, and interact with them. The video also included subtitles to be accessible to a wider audience.


There have been really interesting changes in requests since the pandemic started, as sites try to think creatively about how to open safely and we have been listening and supporting this process. For visitors who do not have their own headphones, we have been working to supply hygienic headphones which are more COVID-safe. These are our in-house designed Airsets which have no direct contact with the ear and have a hard plastic that is easy to clean with wipes. But we also understand that many visitors may now prefer to use their own devices, and our off-the-shelf apps are the perfect cost-effective solution for smaller sites that wish to adapt their guide system to this situation. We have a range of price models and will work with you to cater to your exact needs and budget.

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