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Established in 1826 Meyvaert is a specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of museum quality showcases. We have made some of the worlds most challenging and creative cases and we also have a long track record in projects requiring more traditional cases.


Meyvaert works globally and has a vast string of successful project’s in the UK. The majority of our work is bespoke showcases to match each project’s specific characteristics.


We also have a very flexible display case system called Infinity that is designed to offer a modular and demountable solution for temporary exhibitions.  This is being used in museums and galleries around the world. For examples please see them on this link.



For those wanting an insight into the possible options available we have a range of standard solutions to help people to select the most appropriate display case type for their application, these can be seen on our website under Standard Display Solutions https://www.meyvaertmuseum.com/en/showcases/display-cases


If you would like to see some of our more challenging recent projects, then there is a great range on our web site under Custom Design and Fit out



Meyvaert has a very flexible and supportive approach; working in collaboration with designers and architects or directly with local museums. We will interpret the clients designs whilst using our experience and knowledge to guide the team through the process.


Our objective is to exceed your expectations whilst matching all of your requirement.


Meyvaert has been making showcases since 1946 and we have thousands of examples of cases to draw upon to illustrate various ideas and principles.


With a team of over 20 designers and engineers we can give your project the attention that it deserves.


We have developed some very specific techniques for glass engineering, working to high tolerances that means we can produce a high quality of craftsmanship with consistency.


The specifications for a museum grade show case have high standards for conservation, security and the way that the objects are presented, we will work closely with you to understand the nature of your displays and ensure that the most suitable methods are applied.


In Saudi Arabia at the King Abdul Aziz Centre for World Culture we had to make multi-faceted showcases with complex irregular angles, the design and manufacture of these cases has created new skills and knowledge within our team, whilst having created some of the world’s most amazing showcases. Other cases on this project required high tolerance joints on cases with curved glass – images of these projects are shown below.


By comparison sometimes we are faced with matching the surrounding architecture an example at Rhodes House in Oxford is a fine example where we proposed a design to match the existing wood panelling and used a black Corian to match the black marble skirting, with low reflective glass  because the case was near a window. The resulting case for the William Morris tapestry within comfortably matches the surrounding architecture.


In Plymouth in 2020we have just completed the showcase installation at The Box with a mixture of different case designs and shapes


With a large case in the Mammoth Gallery for example.


Some cases were built in to set works others were free standing. Each gallery has its own special atmosphere. The designers Event have created some fantastic themes within each space , our cases had to follow these and compliment them.


During the recent Epidemic we have been able to continue with many of our live projects by adapting using Teams meetings and innovative ways of communicating and sharing ideas whilst keeping the projects moving forwards. Some of our clients have experienced delays with their projects and we are constantly adapting to match the availability of sites and their staff.  The secret is to adopt a flexible and understanding approach and being open about these realities with our client teams.


The project in Plymouth, The Box was installed this year during the challenging circumstances that we all faced.


In Brussels at the House of European History we completed a 5 million Euro project with some complex cases , one is shown in the illustrations below, it tells the story of the blitz and the front glass is multi-faceted to give the display the fragile and shattered feeling of the impact of this part of our shared history.

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