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Fulldome.pro is passionate about the unlimited possibilities of 360° technologies to enhance the environment and create a deep and meaningful impact on the visitors.


We offer full-service solutions for projection domes: from design and engineering to installation and after-sales support. Founded in 2010, to introduce easy-to-use and cost-effective digital technology and dynamic programming to the planetarium industry, Fulldome.pro has emerged as a global leader in the immersive dome marketplace. Our revolutionary patented hardware and software integration and auto-calibration technologies allow for fast, efficient, and highly reliable project production and set up.


We took the best technologies from planetariums to create an immersive instrument for your exhibition. Projection dome is an amazingly versatile solution to deliver your ideas to a broad audience and transform your event into an unforgettable experience.


How do your clients benefit from working with you and what sets you apart from your competition?


Headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, Fulldome.pro has over 200 employees with regional offices in Thailand, China, India, and Russia. As of today, we have partnered on more than 400 projects worldwide. From the creation of pioneering new design concepts to redesigning and upgrading of existing facilities — Fulldome.pro is the only projection dome company that can do it all –    Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Immersive Projection Domes.

Our services include:
•    Proprietary software development
•    Patented dome and custom screen manufacturing
•    Design
•    Engineering
•    Installation
•    After-sale support
•    In-house award-winning content production



Tell us about recent projects that you have worked on. Were there any unique challenges which you managed to overcome? 


In mid-2019, the world witnessed the completion of the world’s first open-water sanctuary for beluga whales. The sanctuary was built by the Sea life trust, assisted by various partners.


To create awareness of the Sea life trust beluga whale sanctuary and the whale relocation project, SEA LIFE Aquariums partnered with HeyHuman, a UK-based agency. HeyHuman’s task was to influence those visiting SEA LIFE Aquariums around the world to connect emotionally and financially with the two rescued belugas. To tell the story of relocation of 2 whales from Shanghai to Iceland in an immersive experience that would inspire visitors to seek more information about the ongoing conservancy project and ultimately donate to the cause.


Fulldome.pro supplied and installed 15 domes in SEA LIFE centers in six countries. Soon audiences at selected sites in the UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Thailand, and Iceland were able to share the magic of these magnificent whales.


Are you able to support museums in any specific way during this COVID-19 crisis both now and/or when museums are able to re-open?


  1. Dome venues can be equipped to meet all the new requirements for social distancing, temperature check, fewer seats, sanitizing, etc.
  2. Utilizing small and medium-sized domes will accommodate a new trend of smaller events.
  3. Domes and immersive screens will replace VR. Visitors won’t need to share gadgets with others and wear special gear if you provide a shared VR experience.
  4. While travel restrictions are still in place, multimedia technologies help to cover long distances. Projection technologies allow visitors to see places they’re dreaming of right here and now.
  5. Virtual meetings, gatherings, performances, education are more interesting and engaging on immersive screen, especially immersive dome screen!
  6. One of the essential advantages of immersive dome environments is their tremendous versatility. You can host educational sessions in the morning and art performances on the evening of the same day.

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