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Colour Heroes have 20 years’ of experience and learning about what families expect from their visitor experience. We help you to create high-quality, educational and affordable children’s activity packs, maps, trails, books and guides to make an impact.
We offer the complete service from original and fun concepts to the exciting, completed, colourful, printed resources.


Our team are all under one roof too, sharing ideas and creatively crafting unique material to show your attraction off to your best advantage. Delivering on-trend resources to grow family participation and create memories for your customers is our shared passion. We will set your site apart from the rest as we deliver increased visitor dwell-times, promote return visits and valuable referral business, by showcasing your unique collection and must-see attractions. We are proud to say that everything we produce is made in Britain, using responsibly sourced material.


Our first class, in-house team are experts in site interpretation and creative design. Like you, we have been through tough times and the experience has taught us how to be resilient and to quickly adapt to change and challenges. We are proud of our ability to build customer confidence through detailed knowledge of every sector, establishing the purpose of your resources and your expectations from the first call. This, coupled with solid research, engaging and educational activities, delivers unique, inspirational, family-focussed fun for your visitors to build memories with. Whether it’s an interpretation board, postcard or trail, we inject our passion and creativity and blend your unique story in every individual project we undertake.


What separates us from our competitors is our energy, innovation and experience, as well as our caring, warm and friendly team. We treat your business as a living thing, to nurture and to help it to grow. We listen and capture your tone of voice, bringing out the very best of your site and your unique ‘hidden gems’.


Since we were established two decades ago we have worked with an array of museums, galleries and historical sites throughout the UK. We offer you a safe pair of hands, using our knowledge and dedicated service to support you from the first conversation, to the finished design, working in a way that suits your capabilities, time constraints and budget.

Often we work with clients who lack confidence in the messages they are trying to convey to their visitors. We help guide you through the creative process to ensure we maximise your customer engagement. Thought-provoking, inspirational ideas increase customer spend, dwell-time and encourage repeat visits and referrals.


A recent challenge working with Sudbury Hall and The National Trust Museum of Childhood is a great example, where we were supplied with an illustration that was a simple black and white image that they liked. We liked it too and our design team developed the image to make it more child-friendly. Using a lino-cut technique to bring the illustrations to life delivered a strong and engaging A5 book and this has become one of our most cherished samples, helping us to showcase a new style.


With a strong discipline and respect for client’s often limited budgets, we are proud to agree a budget with a client and guarantee a quality product, delivered on time. Tight deadlines, very specific briefs and clients who require daily support and guidance through the process are very welcome.

We are able to support museums and heritage sites during this difficult time by providing digital downloads that can easily be adapted and applied to client websites and social media channels. Our team will adapt to flexible situations and provide project designs in various digital files and formats.

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