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Breathe provides easy-to-use HR and Rota software, aimed to help SMEs spend less time on people admin and more time creating happier, healthier and more productive workplaces.


We work with businesses of 1-250 people to help them save valuable time on HR admin, so they can focus on developing their teams and driving their business forward.


Besides our software, a few years ago we launched the Breathe Culture Pledge, an initiative to shout about the importance of workplace culture and encourage SMEs to take theirs seriously.


At Breathe our aim is to provide easy-to-use software that offers a self-service experience. We help businesses who are struggling with spreadsheets and filing cabinets to switch to cloud-based HR software and say goodbye to manual methods – for good.


The result? They’ll save valuable time, reduce stress and streamline their HR processes.


Our software is simple – without the bells and whistles – but offers everything a small business needs to move away from paper-based methods and manage their HR online.


There are different people management systems on the market, but we believe our system is the easiest to use and accessible to people with no prior experience of HR.


We are continuously developing our software to help businesses and charities reduce admin and focus on other important tasks.


With so many organisations facing the biggest challenges in their trading history, it’s essential that they spend as much time as possible focussing on maintaining their revenues.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been a unique challenge for all of us and we have had to adapt to working flexibly and with greater agility than before the crisis.


We are proud of the support we have provided to businesses and charities and the place our software has in helping other companies – especially those with people working from home and in challenging circumstances.


After the government announced its furlough scheme, we worked quickly to develop new functionality. The priority was to enable businesses to log furloughed employees and allow overall visibility of this.


We also added a new location management feature which enables businesses to keep track of who’s working where, and when. This was not only important during lockdown, but also when restrictions were eased and many businesses were managing phased returns to the workplace. This tool meant that managers had complete visibility of their team’s locations and could manage workplace capacities to avoid having too many people in the same place at once.



Our cloud-based software can be accessed via laptops, tablets and smartphones from wherever a user has access to the internet. This means that if employees are working from home or at their usual workplace (or a combination of both) they can access Breathe.


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