Exhibitor Masterclass by Zubr Curio

You’re aware of the opportunities in immersive tech for heritage, interpretation and education applications. But VR headsets are clunky, don’t suit everyone and can’t work outside; whilst AR experiences often depend on visitors’ precious mobile data to download an app.

Integrated within hard-wearing, ‘seaside pier’ binoculars, Zubr Curio’s new AR/VR solution eliminates these issues by combining analogue and digital. Suitable for young and old, in the wind and rain, for virtually reconstructing ruins or showcasing 360 films – our binoculars go where AR and VR can’t! Discover more and try them for yourself.

May 11 @ 11:40
11:40 — 12:05 (25′)

Stand H1

Exhibitor Masterclasses & Demos

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