Why building back better is the worst thing you could do in 2021

If 2020 stopped the world in its tracks, for those organisations that survived, 2021 offers the promise of “building back better”. In this lively session, brand communications expert Dean Ford and customer journey navigator Stephen Spencer will argue that this is not the right intention.

Using examples and case studies from the cultural sector and beyond, Dean and Stephen will demonstrate that customers’ values and indeed their experience has changed so much in 2020 that organisations can expect to have to re-justify their customers’ support in 2021. When so much of the experience is now unseen – whether behind a mask, or behind a screen – how do institutions really know what impact they are having? Ultimately. emerging from crisis, there are new opportunities – to create experiences that are better, more relevant, more engaging, more valuable, and blended across channels. Dean and Stephen will highlight the mis-steps that could lead to  disaster, as well as the routemap to find the sunlit uplands.

Stephen Spencer, Chief Navigation Officer, Stephen Spencer + Associates and Dean Ford, Creative Director, The Modern Agency

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Stephen Spencer

Dean Ford

December 31 @ 10:30
10:30 am

Location: Pre-recorded Webinar

Speakers: Stephen Spencer & Associates, The Modern Agency


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