Speakers: Sandra Shakespeare, Museum X CIC and Ashton John, M.A., Filmmaker

Join us for a screening of ‘To whom does this belong?’ A collaborative short film with Museum X, Black Voices Cornwall & Cornwall Museums Partnership.

The film explores Cornish Black History through local archives and museum’s collections. You can expect a journey of raw reactions to artefacts ranging from newspaper articles to journal entries from a slave ship captain. Be prepared to discover new stories about Cornish Black History.

To Whom Does This Belong? sheds light on the trauma of racism, fostering awareness and encouraging museums and galleries to engage in reflective practices regarding the emotional toll of decolonial work, as well as the development of trauma-informed approaches.  

We’ll discuss the discoveries made, Cornwall’s links to slavery and whether we think these artefacts should be on display at museums.

Speaker bios:

Sandra Shakespeare (She/Her)

Museum X CIC

Sandra Shakespeare, honoured with the 2024 UK Activist Museum Award by RCMG, University of Leicester, is a pioneering force as the founding director of Museum X CIC and the Black British Museum Project. With Museum X, she revolutionises traditional museum paradigms by challenging colonial and racist legacies within collections and heritage sites. Sandra’s work focuses on uncovering Black British intangible heritage to redefine our national narrative. As a consultant, she has cultivated a diverse clientele across arts, heritage, and museum sectors. With extensive experience, including roles at The National Archives, Sandra is a Clore Leadership Fellow and a founding member of Museum Detox, advocating for equity in the sector.

Sandra Shakespeare, Museum X CIC and Ashton John, M.A., Filmmaker


Ashton John MA

​​Ashton John is an award-winning Filmmaker, specialising in documentary and commercial films. 

Born in Hackney London, his work focuses on documenting diverse communities, and everyday people that pass us by exposing audiences from the streets to the personal intimate portraits behind closed doors.

Ashton has directed independent festival and television documentary films for over ten years featured on Channel 4 and ITV. Ashton’s films are about people for people, to inspire change and social awareness.






May 15 @ 09:45
09:45 — 10:25 (40′)

Theatre 1


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