Speaker: Emma Stirling-Middleton, Curator, The Cartoon Museum

Emma previously worked on large national museum level gallery projects and international blockbuster exhibitions with substantial budgets and large teams. Moving to work in a small independent museum with limited resources and capacity, she has had to think creatively to create a different kind of visitor experience. In this talk she shares practical tips for making quality exhibitions on a shoestring, from DIY design and build, to effective collaboration with volunteers. She celebrates the advantages of small museum exhibition-making, including experimental approaches to interpretation, risk-taking, fast-paced decision-making and meaningful co-creation and participation work. Finally, she will touch on the joy of measuring success through front of house engagement and number crunching, and how to integrate the lessons from evaluation into exhibition programme planning.

May 11 @ 11:15
11:15 — 11:55 (40′)

Recording Available, Theatre 2

Talks, The Cartoon Museum

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