Speakers: Stephen Spencer, Ambience Director, Stephen Spencer + Associates

In 2023, every organisation needs to deliver maximum value, for money, and for time, as a fundamental strategy to survive and thrive in this most challenging period. Stephen will share the principles and practice of the Ambience Playbook – a new, how-to guide to thriving no matter what budget you or your visitors has. The Playbook contains a wealth of tools, case studies, and practical steps to maximise the impact of your marketing, the engagement of your visitors, and the sustainable revenue you generate.

Stephen will share the five key components of a world class visitor experience, and why Ambience is so important. The concept of Ambience harnesses a simple approach – accessible to any size or type of heritage organisation – to delivering your mission in every interaction with, and experience of, your institution. If visitors experience an authentic representation of your brand they will engage more, understand more, learn more, and spend more.

Ultimately, amid the cost of living crisis and with budgets growing ever more under pressure, the Ambience Playbook will show you how to get more return on the money you are already spending – be it on staff, marketing, stock, or utilities. The Playbook has been developed in the spirit of togetherness, to help organisations come together with experts in a collaborative approach to building forward better.

May 11 @ 13:45
13:45 — 14:25 (40′)

Theatre 3


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