Speakers: Katie Pennington, Senior Heritage Consultant, Haley Sharpe Design Ltd (hsd) and Paul Stacey, Head of Parks, Heritage and Culture, Watford Borough Council

Watford Museums Service have been working with Haley Sharpe Design (hsd) since 2021 to undertake a strategic assessment of the existing museum and heritage service and develop proposals for the revitalisation of their offer to ensure it is fit-for-purpose and relevant to current and future audiences.

The role of heritage and culture sits at the forefront of local regeneration for many areas and this case study showcases the work that has been undertaken to develop a project which places the Museum at the heart of this. Sitting within the new Town Hall Quarter we will discuss how we have worked to ensure that creativity, culture, community and heritage are at the core alongside new homes, employment and public space.

This session draws together insights and learning from both the client and consultants’ perspective to highlight the process that has been undertaken to future-proof the heritage of the Borough in an everchanging environment.

As part of the session, we will provide an overview of the following and highlight our lessons learnt:

– the importance of better understanding the collections and the process of undertaking a full collection assessment.

– ensuring the local community remain at the heart of the project and how consultation with the public, schools and local organisations is helping to shape the project both from a design and content perspective.

– working with local partners, including Watford FC, to incorporate their stories and collections into the new gallery spaces.

– establishing a high-quality visitor experience which sits within a listed-building and balances multiple public functions.

May 10 @ 10:30
10:30 — 11:00 (30′)

Theatre 4


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