Speakers: Kate Fellows, Head of Learning and Access, Leeds Museums and Galleries

What makes a good, openly risk-taking culture that is supportive of care? At Leeds Museums and Galleries we care for staff and volunteers, places and spaces, and our communities. Our default answer to most ideas is ‘yes’, or ‘yes, if…’. It’s very rarely a ‘no’. Saying yes has made us experimental and made us part of the fabric of the city through co-creation (our community programmes), large-scale changes to formal education (the Leeds Curriculum and impacts on school OFSTED reports), and impacts on health and employment (Careers for All). So far, it has held our value in the city. Why and how did we start doing this? Will this risk-taking culture stand us in good stead for the future? Does it make us dynamic and fleet-of-foot? What are the risks associated with risk-taking? What’s the impact on our staff? What could this look like in other settings? We’ll share what’s worked for us, what things we tried that didn’t work for us, and other top tips for starting to take a few more calculated, open risks.

May 16 @ 15:00
15:00 — 15:40 (40′)

Theatre 2


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