Speakers: Dr Amy Frost – Senior Curator, Bath Preservation Trust and Jamie McCall – Creative Director, PLB

No.1 Royal Crescent features a remarkable new immersive experience, which allows visitors to see life as it was lived in Georgian Bath during the late 1700s. Find out how an exciting and innovative mix of digital projections and soundscapes, bring the house to life as you wander through, from the Dining Room and stunning Withdrawing Room, the lavishly decorated backdrops for daily life in fashionable Georgian Bath to ascending the grand staircase up to the Gentleman’s Bedroom with its exquisite views across the Royal Crescent. The hidden life below stairs is also revealed, as the tour continues through the house, to the amazingly preserved Georgian kitchen, following in the footsteps of the hardworking servants.

Discover the challenges for York-based museum interpretive designers, PLB Projects, to tell the story of how a Georgian Bath town house was both staffed and inhabited in the 18th century and the ways visitors can now immerse themselves in the period, by means of projections and overheard conversations relating to matters of business including the transatlantic slave trade, war, gambling, domestic servitude and gossip. We report on the reaction of visitors and find out what happened next…

Jamie McCall

May 11 @ 14:15
14:15 — 14:55 (40′)

Recording Available, Theatre 2

No 1 Royal Crescent Bath, PLB, Talks

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