Speakers: Carl Newbould, Learning and Access Officer (Careers for All), Kate Fellows, Head of Learning and Access, Leeds Museums and Galleries and Jessica Rymill, Luminate Education

Leeds Museums and Galleries have worked with people with neurodivergence and lived experience of disability through museum and arts specific employment programmes for a number of years. They have shaped our practices and we have learnt a lot as a museum service about our assumptions, ableism, collections and working practices. As we started to share our learning wider, it was noticed by other council colleagues across the city. We began to feedback what we were hearing from the people we were working with…

‘The council’s online application system isn’t straightforward to use’, neurodiverse applicant in early 2022

‘We want Leeds City Council to be more reflective and openly inclusive of its neurodiverse community. We want to welcome more neurodivergent people.’ Out on a LIM member

We said, ‘that’s not fair’ and wider council colleagues agreed.

We asked, ‘what can we do to change that?’ and we starting working together to make the systems better.

We have taken simple, inclusive steps to make the employment process more accessible for people living with neurodiversity. We’ll share our journey, what we tried, what’s worked for us (and what didn’t), and some quick, easy top tips to help make your recruitment practices more inclusive.

May 11 @ 11:45
11:45 — 12:25 (40′)

Theatre 3


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