Speakers: Bala McAlinn, Founding Director, Complete Works

Over the past 20 years Bala McAlinn has gained a great deal of experience performing and producing many international shows and tours as far and wide as London, Russia, USA, Romania, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He has written and directed shows for London Zoo and the Science Museum, helped to create tours for the Olympic venues and recruited, trained and managed thousands of staff for shows, promotions and events, as well as the in-house teams for many visitor attractions. He is passionate about creating unique, engaging and exciting experiences that inspire and entertain a diverse range of audiences.

He is the Founding Director of Complete Works, a company that helps enable ambitious visitor destinations to thrive, giving them the tools they need to sustainably safeguard their futures.

May 11 @ 09:45
09:45 — 10:25 (40′)

Theatre 1

Complete Works, Talks

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