Speakers: Martin Howe, CEO, Dapper Labs Ltd

Chaperone is an interactive experience platform that augments and automates the guest experience, from ticketing to after they leave your attraction. The platform is designed to easily deliver personalised content, offers, and unique features to your guests.

Visitor apps are becoming increasingly important for attractions. However, many of the ready-made apps that are available may not suit all of your needs, and it can be expensive to build a bespoke app. Chaperone’s experience builder feature means that you can create a visitor app that suits your needs and preferences.

Chaperone is created by the team at Dapper Labs, a group that has experience from a wide range of sectors including themed entertainment, cultural and leisure venues. Dapper Labs bring together a broad knowledge of product development, production, account management, technology design, software and hardware engineering and more.

The platform allows you to:

– Create storytelling, app-led tours to enhance the guest visit

– Personalise the visitor experience and gain insight into your visitors

– Quickly enhance your attraction by creating unique visitor journeys

– Set up tailored offers that reach your visitor at the right time, price and place

– Enhance the visitor experience by allowing guests to interact in real-time with exhibits, retail and hospitality offerings

Why use Chaperone?

As a modular system, Chaperone has a series of plug-in features that allow you to build the platform that will best serve your business. Plus, it can be used without wifi or beacons.

Experience Builder

The unique experience builder platform allows you to quickly and simply create an enhanced visitor experience. You can create new experiences from scratch or overlay content onto existing attractions. This gives guests more reasons to stay longer at your venue and to come back. You can change the content immediately to make seasonal or daily changes.

Personalised Experience

Each Chaperone user can create a persona that then tailors their experience. This means that only relevant content is shown when it is needed.

Experience Anywhere

The platform is available pre, during and post-visiting a venue, with or without access to a network. Guests can even bookmark content to view at their own convenience.


It can also contain enhanced content for visually and hearing-impaired guests to ensure all of your guests feel valued. Subtitles and graphic overlays can appear for audibly impaired visitors, and visually impaired visitors can receive audio enhancements.

Touchless Interactions

Visitors don’t need to touch exhibits to interact and enjoy them with the Chaperone platform.


Create engagement throughout your venue by integrating questions and answers into the platform. This is particularly useful for school groups and families who can work together to solve puzzles and learn more about your venue.


Chaperone knows where a user is and so the content they see is always relevant. It can overlay digital content, such as data, videos, text or audio, onto an image captured by the user to immerse them into the experience.


The platform also offers multi-language soundtracks and translation for written signage. The user simply has to hold their phone to a sign and it will be translated for them.


To create a seamless journey for the user, Chaperone integrates with systems from ticketing, F&B, retail and hospitality.

Who can use Chaperone?

Any visitor attraction, whether big or small, can use Chaperone;

Museums & Heritage Sites

Chaperone means that museums and heritage sites can appeal to audiences of all ages and nationalities. It can also allow them to offer a greater level of engagement. History and exhibitions can be brought to life with enhanced experiences and story-led curated pathways through the venue. Furthermore, the platform can be fully integrated into the venue with one internal system.

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