Speaker: Ellie King, Doctoral Researcher, Oxford University Museum of Natural History and Ellie Grillo or Kelly Richards, Exhibitions Officer, Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Last year at the Museums + Heritage Show, Oxford University Museum of Natural History presented the evaluation results of our award-winning Meat the Future Exhibition. We then used these results, alongside a series of formative evaluation projects, to develop and guide our latest exhibition, Connected Planet. Hear how we used these results to embed better practice, learn from our activities, and produce another meaningful and impactful, but totally different, exhibition about biodiversity and the climate crisis. This session will talk through exhibition development using the Museum Exhibit User Experience (MEUX) framework and how to utilise evaluation results to embed better practice and develop more meaningful and impactful museum experiences for visitors.

May 10 @ 16:00
16:00 — 16:40 (40′)

Theatre 1


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