If your core strategy was based on a clipboard survey, interviews with a handful of people selected by temp workers from a research agency, in the town centre or the entrance to your venue on a summers day 5 years ago, you may be wondering why much of the money you’ve invested has not produced some of the desired output. Hot off the heels of a World Responsible Tourism Award and being featured in the latest TechNation Report as a leading travel technology disruptor, Geotourist working together with organisations like Visit Scotland and National Trust among others, share insights into the ways to naturally get visitors to not just explore more of your destination, but also to convert them into ambassadors who have significant, demonstrable influence, all using storytelling, smart guidance, and a bit of pioneering smart data analytics tech. Learn how to simultaneously enhance the visitor experience, rationalise on-the-ground resources, or support unmanned sites with complete visibility and get a deeper understanding of your visitors and what brought them in.

From film tourism to sustainability of natural and heritage sites, learn how your crowds can visit not just hotspots, but also the tucked-away places that are loved by local residents.

Geotourist described as the “YouTube of audio guides”, is now leading the way as a specialist in visitor generated insights which actually map your visitors journey from the moment they are curious about your destination/attraction all the way through to visiting in-person and even after they leave.

You can then use these insights to invest more confidently in activities that you know will bring visitors.

May 12 @ 12:15
12:15 — 12:55 (40′)

Recording Available, Theatre 2

Geotourist, Talks

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