Speakers: Jan Świerkowski, Instytut B61

Curator, artist, cultural researcher, and astronomer, Jan Świerkowski will share his experimental yet tried-and-true method of intersecting art and science based on cognitive metaphor theory and conceptual blending. He will also explain how to create successful artsci residencies, where artists and scientists can meet and work together on the translation of the Invisible World.

In order to ground these bold statements, the audience will be invited to the world of Instytut B61, an international art and science collective founded by astronomers and performers, musicians, visual artists, and actors. Since 2009 the group launched over 15 art and science experiences, presented in Poland, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Armenia and India. By far, the most important activity of the Instytut B61 has been the Cosmic Underground, founded by the European Commission in a specially designed train consisting of 10 freight carriages-installations. The immersive exhibition which lasted more than two months travelled from Tallinn to Guimarães and involved more than 40 artists, scientists, and researchers.

“The experience is euphoric and mind-bending, with a touch of Clockwork Orange. The finale is a deeply poignant song from a dying star, who sounds like a heartbroken Polish Johnny Cash. If this evening had a director, it would, of course, be Stanley Kubrick.” Forbes.com on Interstellar Sugar Centre performance curated and directed by Jan Świerkowski

May 11 @ 10:30
10:30 — 11:00 (30′)

Theatre 4


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