Speaker: Martin Devereux, Senior Consultant, Digitisation.IO, Paul Negus, MD Negus, Spencer Clark, MD , ATS Heritage

3D visualisation has been around for longer than most people think. To many, however, 3D feels like an experience in search of an audience, a solution to a question that nobody has really asked. We want to present you with an alternative argument and show you that it’s not all 3D movies gimmicks or the Metaverse. We want to show you where you can try 3D visualisation for yourselves and how 3D can be used to bring your audiences closer to the stories you are telling and the collections you hold. Spencer Clark, Managing Director of ATS, will show how 3D objects and visualisations can be used to create original stories and get audiences closer to the collections and the people that made them. Martin Devereux, Senior Consultant at Digitisation.IO, will outline the tools and techniques used to create 3D objects and will also showcase the new 3D object visualisation service launched by Digitisation.IO and their partners, Genus. Paul Negus, Managing Director of Genus, will show how organisations can begin work in digitisation and the key ingredients to a successful digitisation project.

May 10 @ 12:45
12:45 — 13:15 (30′)

Theatre 4 – Exhibitor Session


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