Speakers: Bob Van Cleemputte, CEO and Founder, Create.eu

The battle of 1302 between Flemish and French armies was a defining moment in Flemish history. The city of Kortrijk (Belgium) wanted to tell this story in a unique way and turn it “into must see visitor attraction” in the OLV Cathedral, the exact location where the battle was fought.

During this session Bob will focus on the project and the challenges of transforming a top heritage Cathedral into an immersive projection experience while keeping it’s sacral atmosphere since the cathedral is still being used.

Bob will dive deeper in the workflow of immersive multimedia spectacles and the storytelling techniques used to bring the various angles of the story, both from Flemish and French perspectives. How mixed media technologies such and projection mapping, augmented and mixed reality were used and why.

Find out how CREATE.eu built a “wow experience” with respect for the heritage, the story and the other functions of the cathedral.

May 11 @ 14:15
14:15 — 14:45 (30′)

Theatre 4


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