Speakers: John Boulding, CMO, Vox Group

In an era where the fusion of technology and tradition is reshaping visitor experiences, Vox Group stands at the forefront of this transformation, leading the dialogue on the evolution of cultural exploration. “Guiding the Future: Innovations in Cultural Experiences” is not merely a presentation but a visionary exploration into how museums, galleries, and cultural institutions are revolutionising their offerings to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s audience.

With a rich heritage in delivering state-of-the-art multimedia and audio devices, alongside sophisticated apps, Vox Group has empowered countless individuals and groups to deeply engage with cultural heritage in ways previously unimagined. This presentation delves into the dynamic shifts in guiding practices, highlighting how the integration of technology enhances the narrative and educational value of museum and gallery visits.

As thought leaders, we will unpack the current trends that are shaping visitor experiences, from the rise of personalized, self-guided tours to the innovative use of augmented reality and interactive guides. We’ll explore how these technologies not only cater to the digital-native generation but also make culture more accessible to diverse audiences.

Looking towards the horizon, “Guiding the Future” will also cast a visionary gaze into what lies ahead. We will speculate on future advancements in guiding technology and how they might further democratize access to arts and culture, fostering a deeper global appreciation of our shared heritage.

Join us as we chart the course of cultural exploration, demonstrating Vox Group’s pivotal role in guiding the future of museum and gallery experiences. This presentation is an invitation to envision the potential of technology in transforming the way we connect with, learn from, and experience the arts and culture that define our humanity.
Main programme image:  Sycomore, the arts and culture division of Vox, provides multilingual audio guides at Cosquer Caves in France.
John Boulding, CMO, Vox Group

May 15 @ 11:30
11:30 — 12:10 (40′)

Theatre 4 – Exhibitor Session


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