Speakers: Dr Sadia Habib, Young People’s Coordinator, Manchester Museum and Richard O’Neill, freelance performance storyteller, author and playwright

This GEM session offers fresh thinking about the role of community partnerships in museums. The talk will highlight the importance of creating sustainable, meaningful and relevant relationships. Chaired by GEM, this session will involve perspectives from the Our Shared Heritage Programme and also the perspective of marginalized communities through a talk by Richard O’Neil.

Dr Sadia Habib, the Manchester Museum Young People’s Coordinator on the Our Shared Cultural Heritage project, will talk about how the project explores the shared cultural heritage between the UK and South Asia and supports young people from the South Asian diaspora to creatively engage with the museum collection.

Richard O’Neill, an internationally acclaimed performance storyteller, author and playwright, will explore the ways of engaging marginalised communities through museum and cultural programmes. Richard was born and brought up in large traditional, fully nomadic Romani Gypsy family, travelling throughout the North of England and Scotland. His roots are also to be found in the coal mining communities of the North East having family members who worked down the pits. This co-cultural upbringing is reflected in his creative work.

May 11 @ 14:15
14:15 — 14:55 (40′)

Theatre 2


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