Speakers: Michael Guerin, CEO, Imvizar

Imvizar, leaders in digital storytelling, will discuss the transformative journey of digital storytelling
in museums, with a spotlight on their ground-breaking Digital Story Trail at Spike Island which
leverages augmented reality to bring the stories of the historical museum to life. From the initial
concept right down to the first moments of visitor engagement, they will showcase how digital
storytelling transcends conventional storytelling to foster deep empathy and connection.
The talk will delve into the power of digital storytelling to animate museum environments, making
history and narratives more tangible. Using their Spike Island project, often likened to the
‘Alcatraz of Ireland’, as a case study, the CEO and Creative Director of Imvziar will share how
their augmented reality experiences have deeply moved visitors through the vivid re-enactment of
the island’s poignant history.

They will further explore the strategic implementation of AR in museums, emphasising its role in
complementing the spatial and thematic aspects of exhibits. The discussion will cover
overcoming potential challenges, such as technological distractions and ensuring digital content
coherently integrates with the physical setting. Insights on discerning when AR might detract
rather than enhance the narrative will be shared, drawing from their extensive experience.
A key part of their talk will underscore the critical role of collaboration among storytellers,
technologists, and museum professionals in crafting impactful AR experiences like the Digital
Story Trail at Spike Island. This collaborative approach is pivotal for creating narratives that
captivate and enrich the visitor’s journey through a seamless blend of technology and

The presentation will conclude with a discussion on the evolving role of museums in the digital
era. They will invite the audience to envision the future of cultural education and preservation
through digital storytelling, proposing a reimagined role for museums as vibrant, interactive
spaces where history is not merely observed but deeply felt. This session aims to inspire a new
perspective on museums, highlighting their potential as dynamic venues for immersive learning
and emotional connection in the 21st century.
Michael Guerin, CEO, Imvizar

May 16 @ 10:30
10:30 — 11:00 (30′)

Theatre 4 – Exhibitor Session


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