Speakers: Nik Wyness, Head of Marketing, The Tank Museum

In the past, a Museum could only offer value by dragging visitors through the front door…. But today, we can take the Museum to the user.
This presentation will examine how in an uncertain world, a rural regimental museum has focused on increasing its financial resilience by growing its online audiences; overcoming geographic limitations to create an online brand with a global reach.
The Tank Museum is the biggest museum on YouTube with just under 700,000 subscribers and 160m channel views. It’s using this reach to generate revenue – with almost 30% of its £6m turnover being generated online from non-visitors. 
In this presentation, Nik outlines the strategy that is building a long-term revenue stream from an engaged, online community through the provision of high-quality content – and the opportunity this presents. 

May 16 @ 11:45
11:45 — 12:25 (40′)

Theatre 1


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