Speakers: Pawlet Brookes, MBE, Founder, CEO and Artistic Director, Serendipity Institute for Black Arts and Heritage and Naomi Korn, Founder and CEO, Naomi Korn Associates Ltd

Across the cultural heritage sectors, copyright is usually viewed through the perspective of a necessary legal compliance issue, or the harnessing of commercial opportunities, and sometimes, both. Rarely do we consider the management of rights representing potential inequalities in power dynamics particularly when we are working with creators, suppliers, partners, and funders. This session will weave in the dimensions of identifying and potentially resolving these imbalances. In particular,  it will examine how copyright and licensing are enacted within the complex relationships between cultural heritage organisations and the third parties with whom it works. In doing so,  it will suggest a series of next steps, including how to address potential power imbalances and support organisational policies, including those on equality, diversity, and inclusion.

May 15 @ 10:00
10:00 — 10:30 (30′)

Theatre 4 – Exhibitor Session


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