Malcolm Howitt, Vice President – Sales (ALM), Axiell, Amy Adams, Collections Information and Access Manager, National Museum of the Royal Navy and Karen Clarke, Collections Information Coordinator, National Museum of the Royal Navy

Traditionally the domain of collections managers, the Collections Management System (CMS), and the data stored within it, are increasingly relied upon by colleagues working on conservation, digitisation and even engagement and programming. This evolution is being driven partly by improvements to data standards and processes but more acutely by a growing demand for digitally accessible collections. Over the past two years, this demand has seen a seismic jump.

Amy Adams and Karen Clarke of the National Museum of the Royal Navy will discuss how unprepared they were when COVID hit, and how they are now addressing this with a new DAMS and CMS. They join Axiell’s Malcolm Howitt to discuss their plans for integrating data between systems, and the possibilities this has for streamlining workflows across the organisation.

Malcolm will also give an overview of the next generation of tools that can help organisations do more with their collections data and meet the demands of the new digital agenda.

May 11 @ 11:45
11:45 — 12:25 (40′)

Recording Available, Theatre 3

Axiell, National Museum of the Royal Navy, Talks

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