Speakers: Tamsin Russell, Workforce Development Officer, Museums Association and William Tregaskes, Front of House in Museums Co-Founder and Museums Association Rep for Wales

We define wellbeing as the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy; wellbeing is affected by our experience of life and our experience of work. Good workforce wellbeing is an indicator of a healthy and productive museum.  

In this session we explore a range of factors affecting wellbeing for example, autonomy and inclusion, recognition and support, work design, including tasks and physical comfort and safety, and what this means for your wellbeing, and what you and your employer can put in place – using resources from Wellbeing Hub. 

We will share recent Museums Association research Sticks and Stones: Bullying in Museums and the experiences of front of house colleagues resulting in the Front of House Charter for Change. The Charter for Change provides principles of practice that contribute to a more positive working experience for front of house colleagues, and the role we can each play.

We want you to leave having a greater understanding about what wellbeing looks like for you, your colleague and the sector, and for you to know where to go for support and how to support the wellbeing of others.

May 12 @ 15:45
15:45 — 16:25 (40′)

Recording Available, Theatre 3

Museums Association, Talks

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