Speakers: Patrick Gray, Chief Sales Officer, Expian

In the innovative landscape of attractions and experiences, the term ‘heritage’ can for some visitors conjure up the association to being old, out-dated and in some cases, not appealing to the ‘modern’ visitor. The efforts of many attractions to be ‘experience-centric’ are being hindered by the limitations of legacy and often outdated technology. 

But why? There are so many innovative solutions that can help to enhance a customer’s experience of your attraction even before they step foot through the door. Limiting your Historic Attraction to tired, legacy platforms could be causing customer friction, and costing you money. 

Patrick has spent 15+ year implementing SaaS solutions within the Travel and Hospitality sector. In this session we’ll ask the question ‘Is your Attraction behind the curve of current innovation?”. If the answer is perhaps ‘Yes’, then we’ll look at how change to, and implementation of, these technologies could offer significant gain to your attraction (without breaking you operationally).


May 15 @ 14:45
14:45 — 15:15 (30′)

Theatre 4 – Exhibitor Session


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