Speaker: Stephen Spencer, Ambience Director, Stephen Spencer + Associates

This session will teach you to use the concept of Ambience to create the sequence of emotional responses  from visitors that will underpin your institution’s cultural, commercial and fundraising goals. As demonstrated in the Ambience Playbook by Stephen Spencer + Associates, and in the Ambience Networking Lounge here at the M+H Show, the concept of Ambience involves creating places that perfectly deliver the brand experience that will make visitors engage more, stay longer, spend more money, and be more loyal. Stephen will explain why it’s vital to consider all the senses when designing any visitor experience, and how to define the sixth sense – the specific emotional response from your visitors that will validate your brand strategy and maximise your return on investment – what Stephen calls ROEE – Return on Excellent Experiences.  
Stephen Spencer, Ambience Director, Stephen Spencer + Associates

May 15 @ 16:00
16:00 — 16:40 (40′)

Theatre 2


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